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What must be done to nurture tomorrow's Resilient Future Leaders in Texas and the Gulf South?

To meet this challenge, we are on a Mission to: Nurture resilient communities through Housing Justice, Environmental/Social Justice, Disaster Recovery Relief, and youth advocacy.

We Believe

Environmental and Social Justice efforts must prioritize youth voice and creativity.

Housing & Financial Literacy are key to nurturing resilient youth and resilient communities.

Disaster Recovery in BIPOC and underserved communities is a non-negotiable Human Right. 


  • Resilient Housing & Disaster Recovery:  Serve individuals and communities in Texas and the Gulf South recovering from natural disasters.

  • Abundant Life Academy: Provides free housing and financial literacy seminars to BIPOC communities.

  • Black Houston Tour: Curates environmental and social justice tours.

  • Resilient Future Water/ Community Leaders Program: Host free environmental and climate youth camps.

  • Resilient Youth Not Benzene: Implore banks to fund youth resilience and defund petrochemical expansion.

  • Resilience Through Relationships: Trains educators and providers on youth engagement strategies.


A world where youth and communities have the resilience to thrive.

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